Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Blog

So I have definitely seen other blogs about our "blogging" but I wanted to make my own rendition of it....
I'm just somewhat confused on why we blog, what we're supposed to blog about, and if anyone actually cares about what we write? We write just to write at this point. We want to get good grades, we want to do well in the class, and we want to do something that is essentially easy. But then whats the point? If everyone is not doing blogs to their best ability, not actually caring, and writing about stupid things...then i repeat, what's the point?
If I had actually input on how to conduct this class, I think these blogs should be more focused. I think that each week there should be some sort of prompt that enables students to follow guidelines. Normally I like when things are open ended, but I feel that this blog is too open ended that people start talking about nothing. That nothing, gets boring, and that
It's boring to read, it's boring to write...and I just think that if our ideas were more focused it would be more interesting Individuals could see how one prompt could open up various ideas. These ideas would be interesting because they would still be our own, and still be somewhat uniformed, but you'd see a little piece of our individuality in it.


  1. At the beginning of the semester I definitely agreed with your idea and felt the same way that this blogging seemed pointless. I did not like that these blogs were so open-ended and there were really no guidelines. I had no clue what to blog about because I have never used a blog or done anything like this for a class. However, after reading blog posts throughout the semester I was able to get a better idea of what blogging truly is. I realized that what makes blogging so cool is that we really can write about anything we're interested in. This assignment lead me to think about things in a different way that I would actually enjoy writing about and connecting it to concepts in class.

    Of course there are always going to be those people that blog just for the grade, but I think this is very obvious to the teacher. I did enjoy reading others' blogs because I am interested in my classmates' thoughts. I felt like I learned more about people that I would otherwise have no contact with in our classroom.

  2. I agree with you and to prove your point, I'm going to write a response that easily could have ended with my first four words of this comment "I agree with you". These blogs should have been more structured and the only reason we do them is to pretend we are interested in what we are writing about to get a good grade. I follow a few blogs and have had to do one for another class and can tell you one thing: they aren't enjoyable if you're forced to do them or have rules. Blogs should be never be used for class because they are supposed to be a fun and semi-spontaneous thing. Blogs shouldn't be organized prompts that professors think they are cool and modern when they assign them. Blogs should be reserved for personal use-not class use. It's just like the psychological concept of where people begin to enjoy a task less when they are paid to do it. If I'm given a grade for blogging, I may do it more but will enjoy it less. The intentions of having the guilds do blogs was good and I truly believe that but the execution has been less than spectacular. Hope Prof LM doesn't mind my bluntness but this is the reality.