Monday, April 9, 2012

A Review of the Masters

As always, the Masters did not fail to disappoint. Leading up to the tournament all of the discussion was about the re-emergence of Tiger Woods, and whether or not Rory Mcilroy could overcome his woes of last year and compete for his first ever Masters victory. But as many golf fans have come to realize, the only thing predictable about golf is the unpredictability.
The first three days were incredible, as the leader board was filled with an array of well-known golfers, as well as lesser known players. Going into the final round there were twenty plus golfers with a reasonable chance of catching the leader (Peter Hanson). As the fourth and final round transpired there were many incredible moments, and in the end there was a tie after 72 holes allotted to the tournament. Bubba Watson, a true "All-American," was tied with a former British Open Champion, Louis Oosthuizen, and a sudden death playoff was set to begin.
Due to the nature of a sudden death playoff, everyone was on the edge of their seats as they watched these two emerging starts battle for the "Green Jacket." Then it happened. After "shanking" his drive into the woods, Bubba Watson did the unthinkable. After Oosthuizen had already played his second shot, Bubba was left with a decision. "Do I play safe and trust my wedge, or do I attempt the near impossible shot." For those of you who follow golf and Bubba, you know this was a no brainer for him. Bubba proceeded to hit a 40 plus hard hook out of the trees, through the spectators, over the camera man, and onto the green 15 feet away from the pin.
Not only was Bubba able to hook his 54 degree wedge 40 plus yards, but he was able to control the distance perfectly, which is near impossible from the pine needles. Bubba proceeded to two-putt to victory, completing one of the greatest comebacks in recent memory.
Overall, this masters was an incredible display of an array of golfers, and gave us great insight as to what the future of the PGA holds for us fans. Now I wonder...

Are people going to look at this Masters as an incredible sporting event like I saw it? Or are people going to think about it as the tournament that Tiger and Rory failed to show up for? What do you think?

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